Color Palette Pet Portraits

Animal ABCs_INDRI.jpg
Animal ABCs_INDRI.jpg

Color Palette Pet Portraits

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You can have your very own super-colorful pet portrait, inspired by my current Animal ABCs Instagram series! Each piece is restricted to 4-6 colors, has a fun, illustrative (and simple) background, and will showcase your sweet furry, feathery, or scaly best friend in all of their lovable character!

This may include:
One (1) Pet
- Colors and simple Background of your choice*
- Full Name or Nickname of Pet

With your purchase you will receive a digital download of your portrait, able to be printed as large as 10x10 inches. You also have the choice of adding an 8x8 print of your pet, which I will print and ship to you, for an additional cost (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE).

For more than one pet, please select 2+ Pets

If you have more than 3 large pets (dogs, horses, etc.), please consider purchasing separate portraits for each. Small pets like rodents, parakeets, and amphibians are acceptable.

*Artist reserves the right to make small changes to color and background choices that will benefit the overall piece. Any important personal requests for colors and background will be respected within reason.

Questions? Add them in the “Notes” and I’ll get back with you!

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